2 vs. 2 Mech Strategy Action - on your Game Boy! Designed for 2 players & made for the first Unofficial Game Boy Jam. Very WIP, may not go back to this properly but I do want to make a proper version with menus + sound.

Z key:
Select card
Arrow Keys: Move cursor/Move mech

OneWeirdGuy for mech & pilot sprite work

Mechs & Pilots - Each Player has a team of two Mechs and two Pilots. Each Player's Mech/Pilot 1 are located at the top of the movement grid, while each Player's Mech/Pilot 2 are located at the bottom of the movement grid. All four parts of your team (your two mechs and two pilots) will determine how your deck is set up.

Selecting Cards - When selecting cards, you select cards in the order of:

Mech 1 > Mech 2 > Hold Card > Discard Card

  • The first two will play that action for that mech on the current turn.
  • "Hold Card" will place the card back into your deck.
  • "Discard Card" will discard the card permanently from your deck.

Attacking - When attacking, you will always deal 1 damage to the opponent. Certain cards will change how much damage you deal, as well as heal some of your damage. Your team's health is a shared unit, so keep both of your mechs in the right position at the right time!
Card Types

One of a Mech's standard moves. Attacks one square above, below and on both sides of a Mech.
ATK DIAGA modified version of a Mech's standard attack. This attacks at four tiles at once - the upper left, upper right, lower left and lower right of a Mech's current position.
DMG UPOn the next turn, your Mech's attack will become beefed up, and apply +1 extra DMG.
DMG MAXThis uses all of the Mech's available power and increases the Mech's attack by +3 extra DMG.
HEAL DMGUses extra resources to heal the player's team health by 1.
DODGEConserves a Mech's energy to enable him to dodge the next enemy Mech's attack.
GRENADEAn explosive attack that attacks in ATK SHRT and ATK DIAG tiles at the same time! Doing so comes with a setback - you'll attack your opponent for 2 DMG, but get 1 DMG to your team as well.


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